Square basket – Journeyman

In the winter of 2011 I got my Journeymans letter. After three years of practise and taking classes with the best basketmakers in Europa, I was ready for my examination as a basketmaker. In one week my task was to make a square basket, with lid, bridge and handle.


In my apprentice time I took a class with Rainer Groth- a well-known basketmaker from Germany. The German way of basket-weaving is very different from the English og the French baskets.  I call me self a freestyler basketmaker, but when it comes to the square baskets, there are strict rules to follow. But then again you get very accurate and nice square baskets.

Journeyman basket by Silja Levin
My basket i made on my basketmaker exam.
Square basket for linnen by Silja Levin
Square basket for linnen

3 bags and a backpack

Norsk Husflidslag have a competition every second year for professional artisans, craft persons and artist. This years competition was called Identitet “Ide i Tet”.

I got awarded for 4 baskets. The baskets i participated with, is the series of backpack, creel and two bags
– Eir – Lin – Sol – Var

They all have wooden bottom, and leather lids and straps.
With this I got the third place.

With different willow, and color on the leather the baskets can have many different expresions. More and different basket of the series will come later

All baskets by Silja Levin
Eir – Lin – Sol – Var, 3 bags and a backpack
All baskets by Basketmaker Silja Levin
Eir – Lin – Sol – Var, 3 bags and a backpack